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Easter Island

Unsolved mysteries of Easter Island

Easter Island is full of mysteries. Everywhere on the island, you can see the entrances to the caves, stone ground, grooved lane leading directly into the ocean, huge statues, signs on the rocks. The main symbol of Easter Island say the bird - the man who, according to legend, and is a dungeon builder, as well as the giant moai statues of stone, which represented the island in large numbers (about 900 pieces). There are lots of assumptions and hypotheses regarding the appointment of the moai. According to one hypothesis, they were gods. According to another theory of idols - it's concrete monuments to kings, who ruled the island. There is an opinion and that this statue of the white men arrived on the island. Or maybe the purpose of these stone people and is quite different. While it is unfortunately not known. Given the origin of the stone idols, having considered the underground labyrinths, which no one is allowed in your bowels, as well as knowing the legend of the bird-people, it might be tempting to think that the planet Earth, perhaps there are other life forms. And if we take into account the scientific findings of the expedition to Easter Island, we can conclude that the world we live in today is much more interesting and more mysterious than we think.
We invite you to touch the unsolved mysteries of Easter Island.

Program Magic Easter Island for 4 days - 3 nights.

Day 1: Easter Island
Meeting at the airport. Easter Island - a volcanic island in the South Pacific. It was on this island, distant from the nearest settlement to the nearly 2000 miles, found the stone statues in the form of a human head - the moai. Sculptures were made in the quarries of the island, but It is not known exactly how they were transported to the island. According to legend, they were, incidentally, were themselves. Some people believe that Easter Island - part of a huge sunken continent that was once inhabited by a highly developed civilization.
Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 2: Easter Island: Anakena
Tour begins with a visit to Ahu Vaihu where the moai statues of 8 large, and then proceed to Ahu Akahanga, large stove, which is a long stone pillar with 4 statues of the fallen. According to legend, this place is the tomb of the first king of the island Hoto Matua. Then you will visit Ahu Tongariki - the largest tombstone ever built on the island, which was destroyed by the tsunami in 1960 and then again re-established. Now there are 15 statues lined up in rows. In earlier times, the islanders were convinced that the moai protect their land and themselves from evil spirits. Until now, no one can understand in what way people could create them. The vast majority of the statues lie unfinished in the quarries or along ancient roads. Some of them were frozen in the depths of the volcano Rano Raraku, some beyond the crest of the volcano and the like are sent to the ocean. It is a volcano and will tour the following paragraph. In its vicinity was found about 400 statues in various stages of completeness. Then you will visit the Bay of La Te Ahu Perous and Pitot Crewe, which is called the "Navel of the Earth." End trip visiting the beach of Anak. According to legend it was here first stepped ashore King Hoto Matua. The beautiful nature of this place and beautiful sand beaches are dazzling.

Day 3: Easter Island: Orongo & Ahu Akivi
Breakfast. In the morning you will visit the Rano Kau volcano with a beautiful, overgrown with reeds, a lake in the crater and look Orongo - a place of ancient ceremonies dedicated to the man-bird Tangata Manu, has preserved more than 100 petroglyphs, where the images of Tangata Manu, God Make Make and sea birds Manutara.
Excursion (half day) to the platform Ahu Akivi. On this platform, there are seven moai, which looks at the ocean. They look in the direction of Tahiti, where, according to legend, sailed the islanders. Legend tells us that somewhere in the vicinity of Tahiti island there, which subsequently disappeared from the face of the earth and that the aborigines of. Easter sailed back from that island. 7 moai represent the first seven sailors, who managed to get to Easter Island. Next, you visit the place where manufactured, "fart", so-called head-dresses for the moai (actually symbolized a tuft of hair collected at the back, the typical hairstyle of the islanders).

Day 4: Easter Island
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport

The entrance ticket to the Easter Island National Park must be purchased at the Mataveri Airport.

Program includes:
- Welcome with Flower necklace.
- 3 nights lodging in hotel in Easter Island with breakfast.
- Transfers.
- The excursion to Ahu Akivi Half Day.
- The full day excursion.
- The excursion to Orongo 
Minimum of 2 people
Does not includes:
- Air ticket.
- Park entrance fee, which must be paid directly on the island (USD 63.-).
- Personal travel insurance.
- Extras not indicated.

Rates in USD (US Dollars), per person


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