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Easter IslandEaster Island in Chile, is the farthest island from any populated land on the planet, and it has been the birthplace of a culture, of which the Moai - giant statues sculpted in volcanic rock - has played as silent witness to its history. 

The Two ExtremesThe Two Extremes
Chile is a land of extremes, beautifull and wild. Atacama is immense, colorfull and home to some of the highest volcanoes of the Andes range. Patagonia is just stunning, with its glaciers, lakes and rivers and of course its different ecosystems.

Escape to the UntamedEscape to the Untamed
Chile is a starkly beautiful, rugged land. On each cardinal point, each region could not be more different and surprising. To the east, the majestic Andes reign in their snow-capped glory, drawing hikers, climbers and outdoorsmen from around the world.

Horseback Riding under the moonlight. 

Going out for a horseback ride, only accompanied by the SUNSET. Then we arrive to a lookout in front of the city, this is moment when the sun goes down and we gather together around the fire, good food and conversation. 

After a while, the light of the moon will be joining us, the path will be illuminated, we ride our horses again and we go back home. 
Come and live the experience!

A horseback ride by the moonlight, a unique experience that combines the adventure a riding with great views of Santiago de Chile illuminated. 

Start 19:00 p.m. 
End 00:30 a.m. 

Weekend in Santiago de Chile 3 days

1. Santiago de Chile. Transfer Airport – Hotel.

2. Santiago de Chile. Breakfast.

09:15 Concha y Toro Winery HALF DAY WINERY TOUR. Concha y Toro, one of the world’s most important wineries, is located in the picturesque rural setting of Pirque, only 1 hour out of Santiago. Here you will learn about the growth and development of the vines, and will be able to visit its ancient cellars which include the “Casillero del Diablo” (Devil’s Cellar) in particular, where you will hear about the famous legend that has made chilean wine known worldwide. Additionally while you walk through the winery’s ancient park, you will have the chance of seeing the owner’s historic summer house. Before heading back to Santiago visit the wine bar and the Wine Shop, which offer a wide assortment of wines, books and souvenirs. Tour duration time: 4 hours

14:30 Lunch in Hacienda Santa Martina Nature Club & Golf

3. Santiago de Chile. Breakfast.

Transfer to airport

Excluded: Optional gratuities for driver and guide

Additional excursions in Santiago de Chile.


Santiago de Chile. City Tour
Founded in 1541, Santiago is a fun city which is full of history that talks to us through its neighborhoods, parks, squares, buildings and monuments. Our tour starts showing you the east and most modern area where we find El Golf, the new business district of the city; Alonso de Cordova, the boutique avenue of Santiago; and Providencia, which clearly shows the evolution of the capital since the mid-20th century. Later discover the historic center where you will see the Santa Lucia hill, the National Library, the Government Palace, the Central train station, the Club Hipico racetrack, the university district, the Plaza de Armas, the Central market, and the museum of fine arts. To round-up the tour, visit Bellavista, the bohemian area of Santiago, and later the San Cristobal hill, the natural look-out point of the city. Tour duration time: 3 hours.
Santiago. Dinner & Show
We invite you to discover Chile through a magnificent Dinner & Show in one of the favorite restaurants amongst locals and which already has 70 years of tradition. While you enjoy your dinner, the show starts with the energy of the northern La Tirana dances, followed by the traditional Cueca which mixes the elegance and wittiness of the huasos and chinas. Following come the Araucanan dances which evoke the origins of Chile; the Chilote dances, which stand-out due to their strength and warmness; and finally the spectacular contrasts of rhythm and colors of the Polynesian culture of Easter Island (Rapa Nui). Tour duration time: 3,5 to 4 hours.
Included. Transport to restaurant to / from hotels.
Fixed Menu Dinner: appetizer, main course (3 alternatives), dessert, 2 soft drinks or 1/2 bottle of wine & coffee
 Mountain Tour
While in Chile you cannot miss the opportunity of travelling only 40 kilometers from Santiago and visiting the Andes which is the most important mountain chain of the Americas and one of the most important in the world. The experience of exploring the Andes by ascending close to 2.500 meters (7.500 feet) through a mountain road in less than 60 minutes is unforgettable. Visit Valle Nevado or Farellones, where you will enjoy stunning scenery which in many opportunities is watched from the sky by the majestic Condors of the Andes. Tour duration time: 4 hours



Arrival in Santiago, reception at airport and transfer to selected hotel.



Breakfast at hotel.

City Tour. 

Departure from your hotel to visit the Civic Centre, the Presidential Palace La Moneda built in 1846, Main Square, the Cathedral, Post Office and downtown, continuing to B. O"Higgins Ave. and the old residential areas including the Club Hipico Race Track and O"Higgins Park. Tour proceeds through Club de la Union Building, Universidad de Chile and Santa Lucía hill where the city was founded (1541).Visit to Bellavista area, full of nice Cafes and Restaurants, Theaters etc, and going up the San Cristobal hill to obtnain the best views of Santiago. Free time for pictures and continue visiting the new residential areas of Las Condes, Vitacura and Providencia.

Return to your hotel.


Breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to airport and board flight towards Punta Arenas. 

Transfer to Bus Terminal and board regular pullman bus to Puerto Natales, located 153 m and a 4 hours drive.

Arrival and transfer to the selected hotel for accommodations with breakfast.

Puerto Natales



Breakfast at hotel.

Morning departure for a full day regular tour to the Paine National Park, and have the opportunity to enjoy the most wonderful views provided by the many lakes and rivers and the Horns and Towers del Paine, together with abundant native flora and fauna. 

Lunch not included. 

Return to Puerto Natales and your hotel.


Breakfast at hotel.

Morning departure to the Bernardo O´higgins National Park, which is considered to be the biggest national park in Chile and walks through the forests of millenaries Lengas, Guindos, Ñires, Calafates and Notros and a visit to the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers. 

This tour operates during Low Season, April to September, only on Sundays and operations will depend on weather conditions.

Lunch is included.

Return to Puerto Natales and your hotel.



Breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to Bus terminal and board regular Pullman bus to Punta Arenas and direct transfer to airport on time to board flight to Santiago.Flifht to Calama. 

Reception and immediate transfer to San Pedro de Atacama, located 63 m from Calama ( SIB)  throught the Domeyko mountains,

Range  located in the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world.

Arrival to your selected hotel and accommodations with breakfast.


Day 07: ATACAMA 

The departure is at 04:30, to visit the Geysers del Tatio, at 13.800 ft of altitude above de level of the sea, with a picnic breakfast included. Free time for guided walks, baths in little lakes, but most of all observe the Geysers.

Return through the  Chilean Altiplano , visiting the tiny and interesting Shepherds Village of Machuca, with its adobe houses with straw roofs.

Return to San Pedro de Atacama for lunch.

Lunch not included.


During the sunset we go to the Valle de la Luna, located in the salt mountain range, 90% salt and 10% other minerals, to observe an unusual landscape treasure at the bottom, made up by attractive and impressive geological formations of diverse shapes and colours, together with giant dunes and beautiful salt crystal on the crounching ground, that will make you feel like beeing in another planet or the moon itself, visiting the Valle de la Muerte and the Dinosaurs Valley, from where you have a fantastic panoramic view of the area.

Return to San Pedro and you hotel.


Breakfast at hotel.

On time to be advised, transfer to the Aeropuerto de Calama,  on time to board your next flight to Santiago de Chile.

Flight to Easter Island. After a 5 hours flight, arrival at Easter Island. Reception and transfer to your selected hotel, for accommodations with breakfast and including a welcome typical flowers collar.


Breakfast at your hotel.

Departure for a full day tour to the northern coast including Rano Raraku volcano, the factory of the Moais, archaelogycal areas of Aka Hanga, Ahu Tongariki, Te Pito Kura, Ahu Nau Nau and Anakena beach with free time. Picnic lunch included.



Breakfast at your hotel.

Morning departure for a half day tour to Rano Kau volcano and the ceremonial village of Orongo, archaeologycal sites of Vinapu and Ana Kai Tangata.

Return to your hotel.


Breakfast at your hotel.

In time to be advised, transfer to airport and board flight to Santiago.

Arrival in Santiago, reception and transfer to your selected hotel and accommodations with breakfast.


Breakfast at hotel.

The excursion starts travelling through the green and fertile valleys of Curacavi and Casablanca, towards Valparaiso, a picturesque harbour located by the Pacific Ocean. The ride includes a tour through the narrow avenues of the port, The Plaza Sotomayor in front of the Pratt wharf. The Artilleria funicular, dated since 1898, one of the oldest means of transportation in use, that will allow a most spectacular sightseeing of the bay together with the remarkable architecture of the old houses built on the hills that surround the port.

Taking the route by the sea, tour proceeds to Viña del Mar, a summer resort also called Ciudad Jardin, due to the beauty of its parks and meadows. Quinta Vergara Park is an excellent example, with its long promenades and exotic trees. Then, tour continues to the traditional Vergara square and proceeds to the heart of the city through beautiful and shaded tree avenues.

Lunch at local restaurant in front of the sea (not included). After lunch tour continues visiting other main attractions of Viña del Mar and finally , a drive along the coast bordering the fashionable beaches of Las Salinas and  Reñaca.

Transfer to your selected hotel in Vina del Mar and accommodations with breakfast.

Rest of the day at leisure.


Breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to Santiago de Chile. 


Breakfasta at your hotel.

Transfer to airport on time to board your next flight    

15 Days in Chile 

Santiago - Valparaiso - Viña del Mar - Punta Arenas – Puerto Natales - Torres de Paine National Park - Perito Moreno Glacier – Calafate - Puerto Natales – Sailing to Glaciers - Punta Arenas – San Pedro de Atacama - Tatio Geysers and Towns - Calama

Day 01 Santiago

Reception at Santiago airport. Transfer to choosen hotel

Day 02 Valparaiso / Viña del Mar

We begin the route from your hotel, in a trip of 120 kilometers to the Pacific Ocean. Here we will appreciate the great variety of the landscape of Curacaví Valley to follow until Casablanca Valley known mainly by the great production of white wine Sauvignon Blanc among others. Arriving to Valparaíso (Main port of our country), recently declared Cultural Humanity Patrimony by UNESCO. We will be surprised by its houses in the hills it makes Valparaíso a very beautiful city: We shall visit the main attractions of the city: Victoria square, Sotomayor square, Glorias Navales Monument, 21 de Mayo Boulevard; (we will follow up to the viewing point to apreciate this wonderful port, one of the most important of our country); we also walk among its hills in its different elevators, (1883-1902) to be in contact with the port environment. We follow the trip until Viña Del Mar, known like Garden city. In this place we see the flower match, Casino and Reñaca; place where we will stop to lunch; after that we will make a short walk by the beach. Arriving to Santiago, by coastal way we will show and visit Quinta Vergara, place known due to International Song Festival. Come back to Santiago finishing in your hotel.

Later the trip continues until arriving at the city of Valparaiso . Visit the city and stop to have lunch. By the evening a visit to Viña del mar city and Reñaca. Come back to Santiago.

Day 03 : Santiago – Punta Arenas – Puerto Natales  

Transfer to airport. Flight to Punta Arenas.

Reception at the Punta Arenas airport (we suggest take earliest flights) and transportation to the city to board public intercity bus to Puerto Natales (249 km / 03 hours of trip). Arrive to the city, transfer from bus terminal to hotel, accommodation and lodging.

Day 04: Puerto Natales – Torres de Paine National Park

Breakfast. At 7:30 am departure from your hotel to begin the full day excursion that will drive us to imposing Cave of the Milodon (Natural Monument) and later to Torres de Paine where we will have a nice panoramic view of Paine Mountain Range as welcome. Also we will admire lakes as Sarmiento, Nordenskjold, and Pehoe. Its fauna will be present through huanacos, foxes among others and big variety of birds of easy observation during the trip. A short trek will take us to a big waterfall called Salto Grande which is part of park hydro graphical net. Later, retaking the main way, it access to CONAF central office, to continue to Lake Grey , where after to walk ( 30 minutes) through a millennium forest we will get to its beach to admire a great number leading offs floes from glacier. A box lunch is included in the service . At approximately 19:00 we estimate our arrival to Puerto Natales, lodging.

Day 05: Perito Moreno Glacier - Calafate

Breakfast. At approximately 7:45 am connection with public bus which left from Puerto Natales. This will be a long day and will take 5 hours of trip (360 kms) to get to Los Glaciares National Park. During the trip we will have our first halt at Don Guillermo border sector (Cerro Castillo in Chilean side), place to carry out all necessary procedure to leave Chile. Once in Argentinean territory and after 3 hours of trip we will get to Calafate town, where will have a brief halt. Then we will continue to the park located at 80 kms from the town to admire the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier. After 2 hours we will start our return to visit Calafate town by 1 hour. At approximately 10:30 pm return to Puerto Natales city. Lodging

• Lunch is not included

Day 06: Puerto Natales – Sailing to Glaciers - Punta Arenas

Breakfast. At 7:40 am transfer from your hotel to local pier. At 8:00 departure of maritime excursion to Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers. This sailing lasts about 4 hours to Bernardo O'Higgins National Park where. During the trip we will be able to observe the first local cattle ranches, cormorants and sea lions colonies, beech forests waterfalls and cliffs, the perfect home of majestic Condor. Once in the park we will get to Monte Balmaceda that show us from its eastern slope the glacier of the same name. Later we will approach land on Puerto Toro docking area, from where we will start a short trek to Serrano Glacier crossing a native forest and the lake's shore. A box lunch type or lunch in Perales ranch is included. At approximately 5:00pm return to Puerto Natales. Transportation to hotel. Lodging.

Day 07: Punta Arenas – Puerto Varas – Puerto Montt – Llanquihue Lake

Breakfast. At time to confirm transportation to the airport.Flight to Puerto Montt.

Reception in the El Tepual airport (Puerto Montt) transfer to the hotel in Puerto Varas. After that we will visit the cities of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas, as it’s written follow:

Departure from the hotel to visit the city of Puerto Varas, founded by German colonists. We will visit the Phillipi hill, which shelter all natives tree species and also it has a beautiful viewing point where is possible to look the Puerto Varas bay and city. After we will go to the El Calvario hill in this place we will appreciate other panoramic view of the city. We'll pass for the downtown where we will see all the commercial activity; following the trip we'll take the main avenue which border the Llanquihue lake, alter to know Puerto Varas we'll take the historical route which join this city with Alerce locality, our trip follow to Puerto Montt, capital of the tenth region, we will know its streets, its people and its typical architecture, we will visit the Angelmó port with its handicrafts center and the market where we will see different kinds of fish and seafood. We will know the fishermen whom bring its products in typical embarkations from close islands for selling it in the city. We will be able to visit a strategic point where we will appreciate different sightseeing of this prosperous city. We will also visit the Pelluco beach and in the other extreme Chinqihue beach which borders the Tenglo channel in this place exist old shipyards. After we will come back to the hotel.

Day 08 : Excursion to Chiloe Island

Departure from the hotel to the magical island of Chiloé. We will go to Puerto Montt and alter we Hill take the route which take us to the little village of Pargua. Here we will take a ferry to cross the Chacao channel; we will see the great variety of sea birds and the friskys Toninas (little dolphins) which will go with us in the trip, during 30 minutes aprox.

When we will arrive in Chacao we will take a rural way which take us to the Caulín bay, in this place we will appreciate a nest of migratory birds center. After that peculiar visit our trip continues until Ancud city, where we will lunch. By the evening we will visit the main attractions of the city, such as, Ancud Regional Museum, San Antonio Fort, Arenas Gruesas beach, Huaihuén hill and the market where we will find different sea products and variety handicrafts. By the afternoon we will come back to the hotel in Puerto Varas.

Day 09 : Excursion to Petrohue falls

Departure from the hotel to the Ensenada village. Bordering the Llanquihue lake we Hill visit places such as Pescado river, Arthur port, Los Riscos, until arrive to the Ensenada village, here we will take the route which takes us to Petrohué for visiting the falls of the same name. We will enter to the park and we will begin a slow trekking for the path until arrive to the falls. We will look the great quantity of water which down of the Todos los Santos lake for this enormous dough of crystalline lava. We will have the opportunity for photographing this places, we will walk for the path, alter we will continue our trip till the Todos Los Santos lake or Esmeralda and we will be able to enjoy of the beautiful landscape formed for the Osorno volcano, forests and the spectacular turquoise color of the lake. After that we will come back to the Ensenada village to lunch a delicious plate. By the afternoon we will come back to the hotel in Puerto Varas.

Day 10 : Puerto Varas – Calama – San Pedro de Atacama

Breakfast in Hotel. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Santiago to take connection to Calama.

Reception and transfer to San Pedro de Atacama, from the airport to Calama. Lodging.

Day 11 : Altiplanic Lagoons and Atacama Salt

Departure at 07:00 hrs from the hotels. Visit the Toconao  town, typical handicrafts in the Atacama zone, also the San Lucas Tower (National Monument and town symbol). The travel includes the visit to the Atacama Salt, check in to Los Falmingos national Reserve (Chaxas lagoon site). We will follow our trip to the altiplano for taking the Miscanti lagoon (4150 m.s.n.m.). In the middle of our route we will have a little stop in the Socaire (3200 mts.) town to acclimate and for photographing the little San Bartolomé church. Come back to San Pedro at 19:00 hours approximately.

Day 12 Archaeological Tour and Moon Valley

Breakfast in the hotel. At 09:00 hrs. Visit to Pukará del Quitor, the salt mountain and the Catarpe (Incas) ruins. Arrive to the Tulor ruins with more than 3000 years old. Come back to San Pedro for the Séquitor Ayllu. Come back to hotel at 13:00 hrs. At 16:30 hrs, departure from the hotel to The Moon Valley. In the way which join San Pedro with Calama, stop for photographing the Salt Mountain from a viewing point. After in the moon valley, we will visit the salt statues “Las Tres Marías”, the salt mine, the salt caverns and we will look the evening since a big sand dune. Come back to hotel. Lodging. Lodging.

Day 13 Tatio Geysers and Towns / Calama

Departure at 04:00 am from the hotel. Arrive at 07:00 to the Tatio Geysers (4320 m). Breakfast and trekking to the different geysers and thermal swimming pool. Visit to the Caspana Town (old town and church), the Lasana Pukará, and the petroglyphs in the Loa river valley, the Coya Inca lagoon and the church in Chui – Chui  town. Come back to Calama at 16:00hrs. Transfer to Calama airport. Flight to Santiago. Reception and transfer to hotel. Lodging.

Day 14 Santiago

City tour in Santiago visiting the main tourist attractions, such as, old district, Club Hípico, San Francisco church built between 1572 and 1618. Government Palace, Main square, Central Post office, Santa Lucía Hill founded in 1541, majestically located in the center of the city. The trip follows until San Cristóbal Hill where a panoramic view of Santiago city is appreciated. Finally we will visit the most modern district in the city. Come back to hotel. Lodging

Day 15 Santiago

Breakfast. Transfer to airport