Time Zone:

Ecuador is located at GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time zone). The Galapagos Islands are one hour behind mainland Ecuador, although vessels Galapagos Legend and Corals I & II all run on mainland time.


Ecuador has a population of about 13.5 million people. Spanish is the country’s official language, while Quechua is widely spoken amongst many indigenous groups.


Government taxes such as the Galapagos National Park tax, the Galapagos National Institute Migration Control Card and International Airport taxes are not included in the tours and need to be paid in cash by every passenger. Credit cards and traveler’s checks are NOT accepted.


Government taxes are subject to change without prior notice:

Galapagos National Park fee: US$100.00

Galapagos National Institute Migration Control Card: US$10.00


International Airport Departure Taxes:

Quito: US$ 40.80

Guayaquil: US$ 28.27



Tipping is optional and personal. If you feel you have been given excellent service, you may acknowledge it by tipping as suggested below:

Restaurants and coffee shops 10% of the bill

Hotel/airport portage / suitcase US$ 1 / suitcase

Guides on mainland Ecuador US$10 / day, / person

Driver on mainland Ecuador US$ 8 / day / person


Domestic Flights & Luggage Allowance:

There is a 20-kg luggage allowance and your carry-on bag mustn’t exceed 7-kg per passenger for all DOMESTIC flights, including the Galapagos Islands. Check-in time at the counter is usually AT LEAST one hour before departure for all domestic flights, EXCEPT for flights to GALAPAGOS which require all passengers to be at the counter TWO HOURS BEFORE DEPARTURE


We inform our clients that according to the Ecuadorian Organic Law of Human Mobility - Official, Record N ° 938 of 06 of February of 2017, all the passengers entering to Ecuador must have public or private health insurance during their permanence in Ecuador. This resolution will come into effect in February 2018, date from which there is the possibility that migration agents perform the respective controls.

Anzhelika Jaguar Aventura Tours,
Mar 14, 2019, 8:37 PM