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Guaorani Indians

Tour the Indians GUAORANI
Travel on the rivers motokanoe Tiguino Cononaco and in the middle of the wild jungle of Ecuador; familiarity with the everyday life of Indians Huaorani, the territory of the Indians.Once in the jungle, as if you are transported back millions of years in the tropical forests of the Paleozoic. Here, where thousands of species of exotic plants, inhabited by hundreds of species of birds and animals. Amazon jungle - it is the rich diversity of life on the forest on the planet. Sensations that occur in humans in the jungle, you can not compare with anything else. A variety of monkeys, toucans, parrots, caimans, boa, anaconda - here in the wild, you can find these and other animals. 
Familiarity with the sacred plant to the Indians. Preparations for the ceremony, carried out by the shaman of the tribe. 

Day 1. 
Meeting at the airport (Francisco de Orellana) of Coke representative., Transfer by bus to the Huaorani-village Tiguino, located in the Province of Pastaza, Dinner and navigation on the river motokanoe Tiguino downstream. Along the way we have the opportunity to see many different birds such as parrots, toucans and monkeys, and others as animals. Arrival at the lodge. Cocktail and dinner. 
Day 2. 
After breakfast, travel by river Tiguino downstream to the mouth of the river Cononaco, continue to travel down the river until we reach Cononaco village Huaorani. It takes about seven hours to get dinner during a trip to the beach. Camped near the village of Indians. 
Day 3. 
Accompanied by guides - the Indians are taking part in the hunt for wild monkeys, using a brass gun with poisoned arrows. Well acquainted with herbs, plants that use Indians. 
In the afternoon we visit a hidden lagoon for fishing piranhas. Return to the camp and dinner.