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Tour of survival in the Wild Jungle

Fauna of the Amazon
Anaconda - Manatee Amazon Explorer
Jaguar in the Amazon

Fly in a small plane Cessna 206 over the Ecuadorian jungle, we land in a very inhospitable place, moving among the wild jungle. rafting on the rivers on rafts and on motokanoe. You will visit the most unspoilt corners of the jungle. Acquainted with the flora and fauna wildlife jungle. Also learn the traditional culture of the isolated nation of Indians Uaorani de Bameno
Day 1 - Transfer Quito - Shell in a van about 5 hours for a flight into the jungle. In the town of Shell, a small plane waiting for 5 people., Flight BAMENO, the territory of the Huaorani, camping. 
Day 2 - Hunting for wild monkeys with wind tubkami "Sarbotan" Making poison kurare.In the evening fishing piranhas in the lake. Return to the camp and dinner.
Day 3 - After breakfast visit to the village Bameno acquaintance with the culture and life form the Guarani Indians. Preparations for the expedition to survive the next few days.
Day 4-9 - After breakfast start the expedition. Output from the conductor in the direction of the river the Guarani Yasuní. Every night the camp is divided. Upon reaching the river raft building Yasuní to continue the expedition. Arrive at a settlement Guao.
Day 10-12 - Launching a canoe on the river Yasuní. Arriving in town the Guarani Indians (Kawimeno), where we were waiting for our motokanoe.
Day 13 - Continue the descent down the river Yasuní to reach the mouth of the River Napo (Napo,) on the border with Peru. During the trip, we visited a large lake Jatuncocha. Climb to the top of the River Napo to border town of Nuevo Rocafuerte.
Day 14-15 - Climb to the top of the Napo River to the town of Coca. During the trip we visit the Indians Quichua, a large lake Pañacocha and archaeological museum of the town of Pompey. The end of the expedition. 
INCLUDED: Air and river transport of the entire program jungle /  Meals and accommodations throughout the program jungle / The guide wires from the Guarani tribe.

Jungle Tour

Motorized canoe tour in the Amazon
Birds of Amaozn - Macaw
Birds of Amazon - Tukan

We offer great alternatives for those looking for a jungle tour in Ecuador with easy, close accesibilities. With a few hours drive from the city of Quito or Baños town you can reach the wonderful and mysterious jungle in the upper basin of the great Amazonas River.

Day 1 Arrival to the Lodge in the afternoon. After the long drive we can relax for a while in our beautiful spacious bungalow built in a rustic native design surrounded by gardens full of amazing jungle plants and flowers. A delicious dinner will be served in a romantic candlelight setting at the attractively decorated restaurant. Afterwards we will enjoy a special welcome drink, relaxing ourselves around the elegant fireplace, to coordinate and discuss next day's activities with the local crew. We'll feel absolutely comfortable in this lovely peaceful setting filled with nightly sights and sounds of the Amazon jungle.

Day 2 After breakfast, we depart by canoe upstream for ten minutes, arriving to a small shore where we begin a fun and thrilling one hour walk, marvelling ourselves with the jungle's secondary forest diverse flora and fauna. After our short hike, we'll find ourselves in a breathtaking cascade "La Cascada de Latas" where we will take a refreshing bath in its clear crystal waters and enjoy the surrounding views, which, mixed with the jungle sounds, makes it a unforgettable experience. We return along the same way to have lunch at the lodge.

Day 3 After breakfast, we will have to prepare our return trip. End of program.