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Quito - "Middle of the World" Zero Meridian - Hot Springs Papallacta - Otavalo - Mindo Tropical Forest Resort Arasha - Cuenca - Guayaquil 



Reviving effect of thermal springs Papallacta, a unique opportunity to visit the most beautiful capitals in South America, to plunge into the history of the Incas and the rest in a quiet reserve, a dip in the flavor of Indian villages, visit one of the most biologically rich areas on the planet Arasha best spa resort in Ecuador. The hotel also has spa center specializing in treatment based on natural oils and essences. 

Day 1 Quito 

Meeting at the airport. 

The capital of Ecuador is considered one of the most beautiful cities in South America. Quito is situated at an altitude of 2,850 m above sea level and only 22 km south of the equator, which ensures a very pleasant climate and breathtaking panorama of mountain ranges with snowy peaks, visible from anywhere in the city 

Transfer to the Hotel Akros 4 + *, accommodation. 

15:00 Visit the monument "The middle of the world. The monument is located on the equator, given by the French surveyors in the 18 century (the unique opportunity to stand with one foot in the north and another in the southern hemisphere). 

Includes admission to the museum Inti. In this museum you can implement a series of experiments that explain the influence of the equator line on natural physical forces of nature, such as weight, gravity, etc. Also, you will learn about the solar culture of ancient peoples with their cosmovision. You can also see a series of totems of different cultures in South America. Showing traditional dwellings of different cultures existing in the country, namely the housing with objects belonging to an Indian family who lived in the same place many generations ago. 

Tour of modern and colonial areas of the capital of Ecuador, recognized by UNESCO in 1978, a monument of world heritage. Quito is situated at an altitude of 2800 m above sea level, surrounded by volcanic peaks. This picturesque colonial city was founded by conquistadors in 1534 on the ruins of the ancient buildings of the Incas. The tour includes viewing the main attractions of the city: Independence Square, the building of the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral and the monastery. Particularly noteworthy are the Church of San Francisco Built in 1535, it is - the first major religious building in the continent and the majestic church of La Company, built by the Jesuits in 1605. In the old Quito are 12 monasteries and 50 churches. 

Day 2: Quito - Papallacta. 

Swedish breakfast table. 


Shuttle Papallacta. On the road for about 2 hours, then arrive at a surprising very quiet and beautiful place - a small valley in the mountains with a turbulent little river and abundant vegetation. Once an enterprising German fulfilled dream weary traveler who built the hotel with thermal baths, personal pools. At an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level, in the realm of dense forests, flooded rivers and Amazonian winds, the majestic condors, pumas and spectacled bears, hot springs are Papallacta. These wonderful resources are located in the path "cinnamon tree" on the same route that made in 1542 by Francisco de Orellana, where he crossed the Andes in search of gold and other precious and which unexpectedly led to his discovery of the Amazon. Papallacta is a door in the Amazonian region of Ecuador. 

Here, in a valley between two volcanoes: Cayambe and Artisan gain the health, recreation and rest. Hot thermal waters with no color, odor, and with extremely good taste have not only marked zhiznetvornym effect, but due to its therapeutic effect of saturation with sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other beneficial substances. Due to inhalation of vapors of water and its contact with the skin, as well as use as drinking, treated many diseases of the central nervous system, are chronic headaches, stabilizes blood pressure, improves digestion and respiratory processes. Bathing in the springs can also be useful for people suffering from skin diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, helps with heart disease and in the postoperative period. Papallacta are state protected area that hosts the hot pools of varying size, depth and water temperature. 

Accommodation''Termas de Papallacta Spa Resort'' 

 Free time. 

Day 3 Papallacta - Quito


13:00 Transfer to Quito (without guide). 

Accommodation 4 + *. 

Day 4: Quito - Otavalo - Quito 

Swedish breakfast table. 

City of Otavalo is famous for its Saturday Indian market, with the existing pre-Incan times. Market - a bright and festive event, and otavaltsy meet you in their traditional attire. Strangely enough, but it is not done for tourists. And in fact, men wear short white pants, woven from rope sandals, ponchos, which can be worn inside out, and her hair tied in a tail. Women wear brightly embroidered blouses, long black shirts, scarves, necklaces and bracelets of glass beads. Although one third of the inhabitants of the region are white or mestizo, the majority of Indians live in villages on the outskirts of Otavalo, and come to the city exclusively for market day. 

Includes lunch. 

Walk to the crater of an extinct volcano Pululahua (view from the observation deck). 

* If the tourists want to Purge in the crater, a guided tour at 1 hour surcharge in place a $ 7 p / p) 

This huge volcanic crater, one of the largest in the world and one of the two, where people live. Most scientists classified it as active. It is part of a geo-botanical reserve Pululaua, which also includes a deep, wooded river ravine. 

Day 5 Quito 

Swedish breakfast table. 

Free day. 

We offer optional excursions at an extra charge. Quito - Cotopaxi - Quito After breakfast, 1.5 hour road to the volcano Cotopaxi. A short walking tour takes you to the Cotopaxi National Park and the lagoon Limpiopungo. Cotopaxi - the highest active volcano in the world (5, 897 meters). The records of his activities date back to 1534 year, when the conquistadors arrived on the territory of Ecuador. It is home to diverse species of animals, such as the Andean wolves, cougars, deer, and marsupial mice. The latter two species are endemic. The most common native mammals - a rabbit. Vegetation varies with altitude. At an altitude of 3,500 meters, we can see the kinds of animals living on trees in the area Limpiopungo. Here you can see a lot of birds, mainly suharnits, ducks, Andean gulls, and sparrow-hawk. Rocky Volcano Ruminyaui - one of the habitats condors. At the National Park Cotopaxi identified four bio-region. 

Day 6 Quito - Mindo Reserve 

Swedish breakfast table. 

6:30 Departure to Mindo Reserve (Mindo) is 78 kilometers from Quito to the north-western route, before reaching 15 kilometers to the town of San Miguel de los Bancos (San Migurel de los Bancos). The vast territory covered with cloud forest with many rivers and waterfalls. Here is the most famous in Ecuador nursery butterflies, a variety of birds, orchid garden, these orchids growing wild. Located in the crater of a long extinct volcano. 

Includes lunch. 

Includes dinner and overnight Arasha Resort Spa 

This is one of the most biologically rich areas on the planet, in 2 hours drive from Quito-Arasha Ecuador's Tropical Forest Resort & Spa. The main principle of the hotel is striving for harmony between the natural environment and maximum comfort. Guests can make their own cocoa beans into chocolate or create your own unique decoration in the hands of the local craft shop. Upon request, guests at the hotel can be called a shaman, who conducts rituals in physical and spiritual purification. The hotel also has spa center specializing in treatment based on natural oils and essences. Influential industry associations have repeatedly recognized Arasha best spa resort in Ecuador. 

Day 7: Reserve Mindo - Quito - Cuenca 

Swedish breakfast table. 

14:00 Transfer to the airport in Quito. 

Departures in Cuenca. 

Transfer to the Hotel Oro Verde Cuenca / Santa Lucia. 

Accommodation at the hotel. 

Day 8 Cuenca 


Sightseeing tour (4 hours). 

Cuenca - the most beautiful colonial city of Ecuador. A classic example of European colonial city of Cuenca was founded by the Spaniards 12 April 1557 on the site of the Inca city Tomebamba, built on these lands Inca Tupac Yupanqui around 1470. Cuenca has much in common with the Old City of Quito - the same narrow cobbled streets, beautiful colonial building with balconies and patios, the same abundance of white churches and various museums. However, in contrast to the capital, there is almost no fact of pollution, noise and crowds of tourists that are so characteristic of Quito, and the provincial atmosphere of the city, only reinforces the impression of its architectural monuments 

Day 9: Cuenca - Ruins Ingapirca - Cuenca 


Ruins Ingapirca - one of the largest cities in the Incas in Ecuador. The park can make a trip into the past and see the sacred places where the pre-Incan times, worship the moon, and later - the sun. In the local museum preserves treasures of ancient times, jewelry and ceramics, and in the solar observatory - an unusual calendar of the Incas. 

Includes lunch. 

Day 10 Cuenca - Guayaquil 


Transfer to the airport. Flight to Guayaquil 

Tour of city of Guayaquil 

Transfer to the Hotel Oro Verde 5 * accommodation 


Day 11 Guayaquil 


Transfer to the airport.

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