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In Peru, there are two seasons: dry from May to October and wet from November to April. Dry season, this is the season of greatest influx of tourists to the country, especially, the most popular months are June, July and August. In this time, it is a little difficult to find accommodation in Cusco or Arequipa, if you do not book in advance. Dry season, is characterized by the lack of rain, clear blue sky over the Andes, freezing nights in the high mountains, above 3,500 m, this is the best time for hiking in the mountains and mountaineering. In August, the crops in the fields were already harvested;  in all the mountain area you can find yellow dry grass. Instead, in Lima we have  drizzle and coastal fog. In the Amazon, the rivers reduce its course and is difficult to access some places by canoe.

Rainy season, of course it rains, but not all the time, it´s hot at night, the mountains are filled with plants and flowers, spring comes in the Andes (October-November).

Between January and March is summer time in the cities of the coast. The mountain roads are full of muddy. In the Amazon rain in great quantity, but not all the time, two or three hours and  then the sun shines brightly. The water rises and you can make interesting excursions by boat through the jungle. Basically, if you're not going to do a long hike in the mountains or in the forest, you can go at any time.

Great festivals, celebrations and festivities in Peru occur in the rainy season: Puno Week (November), the Lord of Miracles (Lima, October), Virgen de la Candelaria (February), Holly week (April) Carnival (February).
In the dry season, celebrates the Inti Raymi (the summer solstice, June 21), the Pachamama Festival (August).

Мачу-Пикчу — удивительный город древних инков


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Discover the 'City of the Kings' where all the faces, cultures, festivals and Peruvian flavors meet. Come visit Lima!

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Cusco's history lives in its streets, squares, valleys and towns. Stunning destinations and examples of fine engineering by Inca stonemasons can be seen in Choquequirao, Saysayhuamán, Kenko, Tambomachay, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu.

 Lima-Paracas-Huacachina-Lima full day.


Guided bus transport / Ballestas Islands Tour in Paracas / Dune Buggy and Sandboarding in Huacachina / Hotel/hostel pickups and drop offs

  06:00am – 10:00am Pickup at your hotel/hostel in Lima. Direct bus to Paracas, a beautiful small town by the sea.

10:00am – 12:00pm 2 hour boat tour of the Ballestas Islands. The Ballestas are a smaller version of the Galapagos, but just as great, where you’ll see sea lions, penguins and lots of birds all in their natural habitat.

13:00pm – 14:15pm Direct bus from Paracas to Huacachina, a small natural oasis located in the Ica desert.

14:15pm – 15:30pm Free time to explore and have lunch at one of the local restaurants around the oasis.

16:30pm – 18:30pm 2 hours of dune bugging and sand-boarding – Ride the dune buggies up and sand-board down the biggest dunes in South America. A once in a lifetime experience in the only natural desert oasis in South America.

19:00pm – 23:45pm Bus back to Lima. You will be dropped off at your hotel/hostel.

Price From usd 119 per person +IGV 18%

 Lima-Paracas-Huacachina-Nazca 2 days - 1 nt


Guided bus transport / Ballestas Islands Tour in Paracas / Dune Buggy and Sandboarding in Huacachina / Pisco Vineyard Tour / 1 night in Hotel Mossone 3* / Hotel/hostel pickups and drop offs

DAY 1 06:00am – 10:00am Pickup at your hotel/hostel in Lima. Direct bus to Paracas, a beautiful small town by the sea.

10:00am – 12:00pm 2 hour boat tour of the Ballestas Islands.

13:00pm – 14:15pm Direct bus from Paracas to Huacachina, a small natural oasis located in the Ica desert.

16:30pm – 18:30pm 2 hours of dune bugging and sand-boarding 

DAY 2 

11:00am – 13:00pm Tour of the Pisco Vineyard

Free time in Huacachina 

19:00pm – 23:45pm Bus back to Lima. You will be dropped off at your hotel/hostel.

Price from Usd 212 per person +IGV 18%

in 1/2 TWIN Hotel Mossone 3* or similar Hotel

 Lima-Paracas-Huacachina-Nazca-Arequipa by Bus
DAY 1 Lima-Paracas 06:00am – 10:00am Pickup at your hotel/hostel in Lima. Direct bus to Paracas, a beautiful small town by the sea.

10:00am – 12:00pm 2 hour boat tour of the Ballestas Islands.

DAY 2 Paracas-Huacachina

13:00 Paracas (Departure)

14:15 Huacachina (Arrive)

Free time in Huacachina 

DAY 3 Huacachina - Nazca

13:00 Huacachina (Departure)

13:15Tour of the Pisco Vineyard
18:00 Nazca (Arrive)
DAY 4 Nazca - Arequipa

 Lima-Paracas-Huacachina--Lima 3 days / 2 nts

Included: Guided bus transport / Ballestas Islands Tour in Paracas / Dune Buggy and Sandboarding in Huacachina/ Paracas National Reserve Tour / Tour of the underground slave tunnels in Chincha / Pisco Vineyard Tour / 1 night shared accomodation in Paracas – Los Frayles 3-star Hotel (max 6 bed dorm) / 1 night shared accomodation in Huacachina – Wild Rover Hostel (max 6 bed dorm) / Hotel/hostel pickups and drop offs

Not Included Food

DAY 1 Lima-Paracas

06:30am – 07:00am Pickup at your hotel/hostel in Lima.

09:30am – 10:00am Breakfast stop at the unique bread oven – freshest bread in Peru!

10:00am – 12:00pm Secret Slave Tunnels in Chincha – Take a tour in the beautiful estate of the Haciendo San Jose and go into its hidden labyrinth of underground tunnels used to illegally smuggle African slaves in the 17th century.

14:00pm Bus arrives to Paracas, a beautiful small town by the sea. Night in Paracas.

DAY 2 Paracas-Huacachina

08:00am – 10:00am 2 hour boat tour of the Ballestas Islands. The Ballestas are a smaller version of the Galapagos, but just as great, where you’ll see sea lions, penguins and lots of birds all in there natural habitat.

11:00am – 13:00am Tour of Paracas National Reserve – one of South America’s biggest protected desert reserves. Stunning Pacific coastline where desert meets ocean.

13:00pm – 14:15pm Direct bus from Paracas to Huacachina, a small natural oasis located in the Ica desert.

16:30pm – 18:30pm 2 hours of dune buggying and sandboarding – Ride the dune buggies up and sandboard down the biggest dunes in South America. A once in a lifetime experience in the only natural desert oasis in South America.

DAY 3 Huacachina - Lima

11:00am – 13:00pm
Tour of the Pisco Vineyard – see how Pisco, Peru’s national drink, is made from the grape to the bottle and try lots of free samples.

15:00pm – 19:00pm Free time in Huacachina – relax by the pool or enjoy the views atop the dunes.

19:00pm – 23:45pm
Bus back to Lima. You will be dropped off at your hotel/hostel.

Price $159 per person + 18% IGV 
 Rural Tourism We are experts in Rural Tourism. Nothing compares to the experience of visiting or staying in a rural community - so come enjoy the native traditions, clothing, landscapes, music, textiles, gastronomy!
Decoding the Andean Textile – Amaru – 1day
Experience the magic of authentic Andean weaving, from the shearing process of the llamas and sheep all the way to the final product. The vivid colors of the clothing worn by the villagers of Amaru come from natural dyes extracted from plants and other organic elements. The weavers create fantastic geometric shapes that enclose ancient Incan codes. The communities knit their identity, customs and desires - creating a conversation with them by means of visual patterns. The Amaru villagers will teach you how to speak this language through textiles as you build your own design with their help.


    Paracas-Ica-Nazca 2d/1nt from Usd369 per person

    Nazca-Ica-Paracas 2d/1nt from $ 369 USD per person
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    Peru 12 d/11nts from Usd1390 per person

    Peru 12d/11nt Price: from $ 1390 USD per person
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Lima - Cusco - Machu Picchu - Puno - Titikaka Lake - Lima 
8 days - 7 nights. 

 Day 01 LIMA

Arrival to Lima. A person of our staff will meet you at the airport. Transfer to hotel


 Day 02 LIMA


Free Day

Day 03 LIMA - CUSCO 


Transfer to the airport to aboard your flight to Cusco.    
Transfer to Hotel. 


13:30 Tour at the city and nearby ruins.

 Cuzco was the capital of the great Inca Empire of Tawantinsuyu, surpassing in size to the Roman Empire during its heyday. City with shiny sun. Cuzco was not accidentally the center of worship to Inti (Sun - luminosity), in the 2006, scientists have discovered that the UV radiation level is the highest in the world. The buildings impeccably and surprisingly, attached with big stones in the walls and trapezoidal openings for windows and doors. The blocks remain securely in place without any solution.


You will see the famous stone of 12 angles, perfect example of Inca bricklaying.


In the upper part of the city is the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, which is another mystery.


We then will visit the ruins of Kenko, a Inca sanctuary, where inside a huge rock you can see the sacrificial altar, Puca Pucara - fortress that guarded the entrance to the city, and Tambomachay



Your guide will meet you at your hotel early this morning. You will be driven to the train station to board the train, for a dramatic train ride to Machu Picchu (6180 feet), the great mountain-top city abandoned by the Inca Empire, reclaimed by the jungle and lost to humanity until its rediscovery in 1911. It sits on a mountain site of extraordinary beauty, in the middle of a tropical mountain forest; Machu Picchu was probably the most amazing urban creation of the Inca Empire at its height, with its giant walls, terraces and ramps, which appear as though they have been cut naturally in the continuous rock escarpments. Upon arrival to the ruins, a guided tour of the lost citadel. 


Then come back to the station of Aguas Calientes and return by train.


Arrival to Cusco and transfer to hotel. Accommodation at hotel    

 Day 05 CUSCO - PUNO


Transfer by bus to the city of Puno. We will make some stops: first in Andahuaylillas, considered the Sistine Chapel of South America, then in Racchi. Lunch in Sicuani. Stop in La Raya, and finally stop in Pucara, arriving in Puno around 17:00.



Excursion to the Uros Islands in the highest navigable lake in the world, the Titicaca Lake, which is not only the biggest in South America, but the highest. 

It is a very large lake with an altitude of almost 4 km and has many scientific mysteries, such as “why do marine species who live in the Pacific Ocean live in this lake?”, and “why does the water of the lake have the same salinity than seawater?” There are many mysteries and legends about this lake. It is said that when the Spaniards arrived in Cusco, the natives took a golden chain out from the temple of the Sun, and throw it into the lake, so it could never be in the hands of the invaders. The expedition of the famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau never found gold, but they did find the remains of the stone buildings.

The Titicaca Lake has more than 30 islands, of which the most famous ones are the floating island that belong to the Uros. The last member of the Uros’ Tribe died in 1959, but his descendants are still alive and live in islands with reed houses, and follow the customs of their ancestors. They fish, haunt birds and make use of the riverside vegetation, including reeds for the construction of houses, boats and their own islands.

Transfer to Hotel. 

Day 07 LIMA


Transfer to airport. Flight to Lima. Transfer to Hotel. 

City Tour. 

Guided sightseeing tour to the most attractive and important sites in Lima, the "City of Kings". The tour includes Lima's Historical Centre, passing by Plaza San Martin, Plaza Mayor. We will visit the Convent and Church of San Francisco, considered by some as the greatest architectural complex of Colonial Art in America and Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We then drive through the residential Districts. We will visit traditional residential areas of Lima, such as El Olivar of San Isidro, Miraflores and Larcomar.

Panoramic view of the “Pucllana Pyramid” a magnificent ceremonial and archeological center built in the 4th century a.D. and considered a “sacred village” by the Incas. The Viceroyalty of Perú was the most important of the Spanish Empire and Lima was its capital.

Day 07 LIMA


Transfer to airport.

Price, per person, USD $


-       Hotels 3* + superior

Accommodations in triple room -  from  USD 1495 per person

Accommodations in double room - from  USD 1530 per person

-       Hotels 4* 

Accommodations in triple room -   from  USD 1590 per person

Accommodations in double room - from USD 1615 per person


  • Train tickets
  • Service of a bilingual licensed tour guide for all tours and excursions
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Bilingual guide (Spanish-English)
  • Air tickets Lima / Cusco, Juliaca / Lima. Airfare includes all queues

Desert Adventure

It is claimed that Paracas is the most arid desert in the world; rain is quite infrequent, and its dunes create an incomparable image at evening or dawn. This region, where the winds blow from east to west, teems with history and culture, and the landscape will take your breath away. Enjoy the action and adventure of crossing this desert in SVU’s driven by experts who know the spectacular Paracas dunes. It all ends with a dinner under the stars in a choice location. Live this incredible experience where it’s just you and nature.

Activity time: 4 hours.

Romantic Experience in Peru 
Enjoy one of the most enigmatic destinations in the whole world: Peru Unwind and live the magic of the Peruvian highlands and the mysticism of the Amazon Rainforest by sharing this wonderful experience with the person you love

Machu Picchu is in the Top Family Destinations Around the World!  
Peru offers an authentic setting to start bonding as a family, while connecting with culture, nature and adventure. Embark on an extraordinary family vacation, visiting the imperial city of Cusco, enjoying the fresh air of the Sacred Valley, and marveling with the imposing citadel of Machu Picchu. At the end, discover the mysticism and enigmas of the Southern Amazon Rainforest, by staying at an eco-friendly lodge, with wonderful outdoor activities ideal for the children.

Culinary Program (7 days -6 nights)
Anyone who has been to Peru can vouch for its wonderful cuisine, which reflects the diversity of a nation that has blended its native traditions with the cuisine of Europe, the Middle East, China, Africa and Japan. The result: unique flavors that make Peruvian cuisine one of the finest and most varied in the world. This program invites you to visit traditional restaurants to enjoy the gastronomy bounty and discover the creations of a new generation of chefs who have achieved international recognition for their imaginative use of traditional ingredients and recipes with haute cuisine techniques.

Our suggested itineraries will allow you to visualize your personalizad dream trip.

Luxury cruise 
Explore the Amazon on this once-in-a-lifetime, four-day luxury river cruise. Your all-inclusive Amazon cruise is filled with fun, adventure and relaxation. See native wildlife and explore local villages while gliding through the world-famous Amazon Rainforest. 


Lady of Cao, Nefertiti in South America
In 2006, at the Temple of Cao Viejo, the archaeologists of El Brujo Archaeological Project made a discovery that would forever change the vision of ancient Peru. A tomb containing the mummy of a woman perfectly preserved, tattooed and surrounded by grave goods showing the important role that this woman would had played in one of the most important societies of ancient Peru. 

Day 01  Lima

Day 02  Lima/Chiclayo

Day 03  Chiclayo 

Day 04  Chiclayo/Trujillo. Lady of Cao. The Lady of Cao, like other great Mochica Lords like the Lord of Sipan, was buried with their most prized possessions: shiny nose rings, crowns and necklaces made out of gold, silver and precious stones, exquisite textiles, weapons that could only be carried by Mochica’s rulers, and also four companions to ensure a safe journey to the afterlife. Visit to the Huaca of the Moon where we will observe the Huaca Sun. Beach Huanchaco.

Day 05  Trujillo/Lima

Day 06  Lima

City tour in Lima and Museum Larco Herrera

Day 07  Lima/Cusco  

City tour in Cuzco and and nearby ruins

Día 08  Cusco/Machu Picchu/Cusco

Excursion to Machu Picchu with lunch included.

Día 09  Machu Picchu/Cusco

Día 10  Cusco/Lima 

Visit to the park of the water circuit

Día 11  Lima

Día 12  Lima

Golden rod.
The history of civilization in the Andes, hidden in mystery. Myths and Legends tell that on this land lived the gods and giants, that here there was an ancient empire, kingdom, initiated by the divine golden rod.

Day 1 Lima
Day 2 Lima. City tour. Museum Larko Herrera. Visit the ritual center Huaca Puklyana. Includes dinner.
Day 3 Lima/Pachacamac. Departure from the hotel to the south of Lima. Temple of Pacha - CAMAC, which means 'peace maker'. Gastronomic tour. Includes lunch. Visit Indian market
Day 4 Lima/paracas/Nazca. Early departure by bus. Transfer to the airport. Flight over the mysterious Nazca lines. Overnight at hotel.
Day 5 Paracas/Nazca/Lima. Transfer to the port. Excursion to the island Balestas. Interested parties can visit the Museum of Dr. Cabrera (Museo de piedra). Return to Lima.
Day 6. Lima/Cusco. Transfer to airport. Flight to Cuzco - the capital of the Inca empire. Arrival, meeting at the airport and transfer to hotel.
After acclimatization at an altitude of 3.200 meters above sea level, city tour and 4 nearby ruins. In the evening, if desired, may visit the folklore performances. Overnight at the hotel. 
Day 7. Cusco/Machu Picchu/Cusco
5:30 Transfer to the railway station and transfer by train to Aguas Calientes. Then a short climb on a bus in the Lost City of the Incas - Machu Picchu, which is considered the most powerful energy center of South America. In the afternoon descend to Aguas Calientes, lunch and return to Cusco.
Day 8 Cusco. Free day. We recommend you buy an additional trip to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, or meets with a shaman, guessing on the leaves of the coca plant.
Day 9. Cusco/Puno. Moving on the group bus to the city of Puno. On the way stop: Andaguaililyas - The Sistine Chapel of South America:, Rakchi - the administrative structure of the Incas. Lunch in the village Sikuani. Next stop: La Raya (4400 m above sea level), roadside market with beautiful mountains in the background, and Pukara - center of the same pre-inkovskoy culture. 
Day 10. Puno/Lake Titikaka. Excursion to the most high-navigable lake in the world - Titicaca.
Visit Chulpas Silyustani (ancient funerary towers) of worship era that preceded the dominion of the Incas. Transfer to airport for flight to Lima. 
Day 11 Lima. Free time in Lima. Transfer to the airport. Departure Trujillo. Meeting at the airport. Visit the pyramidal temple of brick and clay Huaca. Interested parties can join the participants in the Huaca biodantsa, cleansed of stress and positive energy. For an additional fee, visitors can take part in the ceremony Ayavaska. It is a sacred rite, which is carried out healers in South America - curanderos. Main ally in the ceremony - Ayavaska a spirit that inhabits the plant, which has received in the name of science Banisteriopsis caapi with the addition of a variety of other plants
Day 12. Trujillo/Chiclayo. Transfer to Chiclayo (three and a half hours). Excursion to the tomb Sipan lord - warrior of the ancient Mochica civilization. Excursion to the museum Evening: Transfer to airport for flight to Lima. Arrival and transfer to hotel.
Day 13. Lima. Leisure time in Lima. Transfer to the airport.

Celebrate Latin New Years Eve 2020 in Lima

South America is the continent of rich cultures and traditions. Spend you holiday in a Latin American country is always an amazing experience. If you are considering the destination for your upcoming holidays, Lima city is highly suggested. Lima city is the capital and the largest city of Peru. It is located in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, in the central coastal part of the country, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The city has a lot of tourism attractions and celebrations waiting for you to explore on New Year’s Eve 2019. 

The most popular place to celebrate New Year’s Eve is Larco Mar, nestled along the seaside Miraflores district. Larco Mar is a mega complex of food, entertainment and shopping. The complex was built on the cliff side, with the popular JW Marriott Hotel just across the street.

History buffs will enjoy the Miraflores district as it has mary historical sites including Pucllana Temple (Huaca Pucllana). An adobe ceremonial center Pucllana Temple dates back to the cultural history of the city in AD 500. A significant amount of the site has been carefully restored and excavations have continued to unearth ancient artifacts including burial sites.

Lima’s Barranco neighborhood, dating back to the 19th century, offers a unique casual charm, beautiful water views. There are also lots of restaurants and bars along the Bridge of Sighs, a charming wooden structure that spans the Bajada de Baños. Visitors can walk on the stone pathway leading down to the Pacific through Barranco. This is really a great way to spend time prior to bringing in the new year.