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Lima Cuzco Puno Arequipa Colca


Lima reflects the majority of the immense wealth of Peru and is a city where you can enjoy unique experiences with all your senses: practice extreme sports, come into close contact with nature, marvel at temples and colonial buildings, visit ancient archaeological sites or simply relax in the comfort of the boutique and spa hotels, whose bars and restaurants offer the best of the country’s cuisine.


  • Visit the venues of música criolla and traditional fiestas
  • Surfing and paragliding in the Costa Verde
  • Kayaking, canoeing and cycling in Lurín and Cañete
  • Watching wolves and marine birds
  • Pisco route

The city of Cusco, ancient capital of the Incan Empire, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983 and is without doubt one of the most important destinations in the country. The enigmatic complex of Machu Picchu, the most important and beautiful legacy of the ancient people of Peru, is part of the Historical Sanctuary of the same name, which is one of the few places in America to be declared both a Cultural and Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Travel from Lima by air or by bus.


  • Archaeology
  • Trekking
  • Evening entertainment
  • Cuisine
  • Paragliding

Lake Titicaca is one of the most important natural heritage sites in the world, as well as a great source of resources for the communities that live around its blue waters, maintaining ancestral traditions and customs. The island of Taquile has pre-Inca terraces and ceremonial sites. Its inhabitants are experts in the art of traditional textiles, which has been recognized by UNESCO since 2005 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. On the island of Amantani, members of the community demonstrate to visitors their agricultural work, textiles, stone carvings and furs. Covering 43 hectares (106 acres), Suasi island is a unique example of a lake-side habitat. It is just 1 km (0.6 mile) from the shore. In this place ecosystem protection is encouraged, with man and nature coexisting in harmony. The Anapia archipelago, made up of 5 islands, gives visitors the chance to stay at family homes and share normal day-to-day moments with them by carrying out different activities


  • Boat trips in ferries, kayaks, sailing boats and traditional boats
  • Guided tours of archaeological sites
  • Mountain biking trails and competitions
  • Folkloric activities
  • Visits to the native communities of the islands

Arequipa - Colca - Puno 2 days - 1 nt
Journey from Arequipa to Yanque through the incredible scenery of the Colca Canyon during this 2-days, 1-night trip with a private guide. Travel through the amazing landscape of southern Peru, passing alpine lakes, glaciers and volcanoes, to reach the incredible Colca Canyon, where you’ll observe Andean Condors in their natural habitat. Along the way you’ll also stop to get a taste for daily life in the small villages of the Andes and search for more wildlife like alpacas, Andean eagles, flamingoes and ibises.

Lima-Cuzco-Puno-Lima 8 days - 7 nights
Day 1 . Lima
Arrival in Lima.
Transfer to the hotel in 2011 a new machine with soft drinks.
Free time in the city, combining old and surprisingly modern way of life, night life.

Day 2 . Lima / Cuzco
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Fly to Cusco.
Arrival, meeting at the airport of Cusco and transfer to hotel.
Acclimatization to altitude.
Optionally, additional folklore dinner at a restaurant, "Don Antonio"

Day 3 . Cuzco / Machu Picchu / Cuzco
5:00 Transfer from hotel to the railway station. Arriving in the town of Aguas Calientes at the foot of the mountains near Machu Picchu. The rise of the bus to the ruins of the Holy City of the Incas (15-20 minutes).
Excursion to the Lost City of the Incas - Machu Picchu, which is considered the most powerful energy center of South America. Machu Picchu is the most mysterious archaeological finds of the twentieth century.
After the tour - lunch. Then - back to the station in Aguas Calientes and return by train.
Arrival in Cusco and transfer to hotel. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 4 . Cuzco
City tour and nearby ruins 4.
Cuzco was the capital of a vast state Tahuantinsuyo Indians, according to their size exceeds the Roman Empire during its heyday. The city bathed in bright sunlight. Cuzco was the center not by chance that the cult of Inti (light) - in 2006, scientists have found: the level of UV radiation is highest in the world. Buildings surprise flawless docking of large stones in the walls and trapezoidal doorways to their windows and doors. The blocks are held firmly in place without mortar.
You will see the famous stone the 12-angle, a sample of impeccable Incan masonry.
In the upper part of the city is the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, the ledge is another mystery.
Then visit the ruins of Kenko, the Inca sanctuary, where the inside of a huge rock you can see the altar of sacrifice, Puca Pucara - patrol the fortress which guarded the entrance to the city, and Tambomachay - water sources, where the Inca cult of water rewarded as the element of the universe.
Visit the architectural complexes fortress Saksayhuaman, Temple Kenko, Puca-Pucara fortress and temple of water Tambomachay. Visiting the Museum Coricancha (Sun Temple). Return to hotel
In the evening, if desired, may visit the folklore performances. 
Overnight at Hotel

Day 5 . Cuzco / Puno
Breakfast. Travel to the tourist bus in the city of Puno. Along the way, stop: the Sistine Chapel of America - Andaguaililyas, Rakchi and archaeological complex dedicated to Lord Uirakocha. Obed buffet in town Sikuani. Next stop: La Raya (4400 m above sea level) and Pucara, where he visited the museum policy. Estimated at 17.00 - arrival in Puno (g.Puno located on the shores of Titicaca Ozora, which is considered the high-altitude navigable lake in the world. It is on Lake Titicaca, Thor Heyerdahl built his famous reed raft "Kon-Tike"). Accommodation at hotel

Day 6 . Puno / Titikaka Lake/ Lima
Uros + Taquile. Incl. lunch
Lake Titicaca is one of the most important natural heritage sites in the world, as well as a great source of resources for the communities that live around its blue waters, maintaining ancestral traditions and customs. The island of Taquile has pre-Inca terraces and ceremonial sites. Its inhabitants are experts in the art of traditional textiles, which has been recognized by UNESCO since 2005 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
In due time transfer to the airport. Flight to Limy. Accommodation at hotel

Day 7 . Lima
Breakfast. Free day at Lime.
We offer an optional excursion to buy Paracas - Nazca lines. 
A mixture of mystery, nature, adventure and culture that offers visitors a chance to relax on the beautiful beaches, explore the desert and watch an abundance of marine wildlife in its natural habitat. Travel from Lima by bus.

Day 8 . Lima
Transfer to airport for international departure.


Arrival to Lima. Transfer to “La Hacienda” Hotel 4*

The Magic Water Circuit Excursion 
The Magic Water Circuit, located in “Parque de la Reserva”, is an amazing set of 30 ornamental cybernetic and interactive fountains, where water, music, light and imagine are mixed to present unique and particular spectacles, Full of magic, illusion and Fantasy. It features the Guinness Record as “The World‟s Largest Fountain complex in a public park”. 

08:40 A.M. City tour (3 hours). 

*Passengers must leave from hotel with their baggages before starting the tour. 

 The peculiar charm of the colonial past is still present. Plaza de Armas of Lima, Cathedral, Presidential Palace. Also we will go through the trendy neighborhoods of Lima, visit the romantic: love park with a statue of a "Couple of Andean lovers" and will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. After finishing the tour, transfer with your baggages to Bus Station in Lima. 

13:15 P.M. Bus Lima-Paracas. Bus Cruz Del Sur. 
16:50 P.M. Arrival to Paracas Bus Station, transfer to “La Hacienda Bahía Paracas” Hotel 4*+

07:30 A.M.-08:00 A.M. Pick up from Hotel “Hacienda Bahia Paracas” to Port “Chaco”. 
Guided tour in a motor boat to visit Ballestas Islands 

Not Included: - Chaco Harbour Tax USD 5.50 (five dolars and fifty cents) or S/. 18.00 (eighteen soles) aprox 

Being at the Harbour, we will go to the wharf where we will take comfortable motorboats specially conditioned for the Ballestas Island‟s journey.

It is possible to appreciate the famous Candlestick that is considered as the origin of Nazca lines, rocky formations that are the lodging from an important marine fauna like Guaneras birds as the guanay, piquero, zarcillo among others, as well as some Peruvian Penguins in dangerous to be extinct. We also see several of the two sea lions types (the big ones and the small ones) among other species. 

10:55 A.M. Bus Paracas- Ica, Cruz del Sur. 
12:10 P.M. Arrival to Ica Bus Station, transfer to “Las Dunas” Hotel 4*

08:45 A.M. Pick up from the “Las Dunas” Hotel, Bus Ica-Nazca Cruz del Sur 

11:30 A.M. Arrival to Nazca, 
overflights in Nazca 

NOT INCLUDED: - Tax of Airport usd 10.00 (ten dollars) or s/. 33.00 (thirty three soles aprox.) 

Going to the aerodrome to begin our trip from Nazca and fly over the enigmatic lines, mysterious marks on the sand spreading over a 350-km2 area. These lines show several animals and plants like spiders, monkey, the dog, the lizard, the humming bird, the condor and so on, in a dimension that range 15 to 300 meters each one and with a 30 centimeter deep approximately. 

Excursion MIRADOR In Nazca you will explore and enjoy the view of the Nazca Lines and the desert in a close way. Maria Reiche Site Museum: Dr. Maria Reiche, a German woman, who dedicated approximately 50 years of her life protecting and studying the Nazca Lines. In this museum you will see photography‟s about her work, instruments used, etc. (Upgrade plus, free) Viewing tower: This is an observatory 12 meters high where you can clearly see two figures: the tree and hands, also allows you to appreciate several geometric figures and many straight lines that run through the Nazca desert. 
Snacks La Colina: A Natural View point, where you will see a diverse lines and trapezoids. And enjoy of the view of the  Snack. 

Being in the Bus station 21:30 PM 
22:00 P.M Bus Nazca-Arequipa (overnight in bus). Oltursa Touristic bus. 

08:00 A.M. Arrival to Arequipa 

09:00 A.M City Tour of Arequipa + Sta. Catalina Convent 

Not includes: Entrance tickets (Pay directly) Ticket to Sta. Catalina Convent S/.45.00 (forty five soles) or usd 14.00 (fourteen dollars) aprox. 

City tour of Arequipa ´The White City´. You will explore the colonial suburbs of Cayma, Sabandia and Yanahuara. 
Here you will appreciate the amazing views of the city and its volcanoes. The Monastery of Santa Catalina is one of the must-see attractions of Arequipa. The complex is a work of art designed applying Colonial architecture and built with white volcanic rock, also called “Silla”. Its walls enclose a complete religious world. Visit and do not miss its interesting rooms, little plazas and streets. Finishing the tour, transfer to “Posada del Monasterio” Hotel 3*+

Breakfast 12:40 P.M. - 13:00 P.M. pick up from the “San Agustin Posada del Monasterio” Hotel. 
Transfer to Arequipa-Puno. Shared Touristic bus. 
19:00 P.M. – 19:15 P.M. Transfer to the hotel “Royal Inn” 4*

09:00 A.M. Pick up from the hotel “Royal Inn” to begin Uros excursion
Uros Half Day Lake Titicaca, located on the border of Peru and Bolivia - one of the most unusual and mysterious places on the planet. This is the highest navigable lake in the world. It is located at an altitude of 3,810 meters above sea level. Density of the lake 170 km - it is the great lake of South America. On the legend, the earliest ancestors of the Incas withdrew from the waters Тiticaca. On Titicaca Lake more than 30 islands, the most famous of which - floating islands Indians Uros. The last pure Uros died in 1959, but today the inhabitants of thatches islands live, strictly following the traditions of their ancestors. They fish; hunt birds use the coastal vegetation, including cane, to build houses, boats and islands themselves. The soil of the island is made by local residents, who weave reed mats. 

06:15 A.M Pick up from your hotel “Royal Inn” in Puno to Puno Bus Station. 
06:50 A.M Transfer Puno-Cuzco. Shared Touristic Bus. 
17:30 P.M. Transfer from Cuzco Bus Station to “San Agustin El Dorado” Hotel 4*

09:00 A.M. Pick up from “San Agustin El Dorado” Hotel to start the Maras and Moray Excursion (Half Day). (

No included entrance) Not Included: - Entrances Maras S/. 10.00 (Ten soles) or usd 3.00 (three dollars)aprox - BTG s/. 130.00 (One hundred thirty soles or usd 40.00 (forty dollars) aprox, includes Moray. 

Finishing the Half Day Excursion, returning to “San Agustin El Dorado” Hotel 

09:00 A.M. Transfer from “San Agustin Dorado” Hotel to the Ollantaytambo train station (1 hour and 30 minutes approximately). 

In order to start the journey to the mysterious lost city of Machu Picchu. 

Not included: - LUNCH - Round-trip bus tickets from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu Archaeological Site US$26 (twenty six dollars) or s/. 86.00 (eighty soles) 

The arrival in the village of Aguas Calientes, located at the foot of the mountains near to Machu Picchu (Second Shift 12:00 P.M.-17:30 P.M.) Based on Machu Picchu‟s regulations, there are two shifts to visit the citadel. Transfer to the Bus Stop for the short ride (25 minutes) up to the Citadel of Machu Picchu. Excursion to the Lost City of the Incas - Machu Picchu, considered the most powerful energy center of South America. Machu Picchu is the most mysterious of archaeological found of the twentieth century. Upon arrival, you will participate in a guided tour of the Citadel, visiting the Main Plaza, the Circular Tower, the Sacred Sun Dial (the most important preserved Intiwatana), the Royal Quarters, the Temple of the Three Windows, houses, warehouses, a large central square; and all connected by narrow roads and steps that are surrounded by terraces cut into the mountain side. 

19:00 P.M. Return from Aguas Calientes train station to Ollantaytambo train station. 
20:32 P.M. Arrivals in Cusco. Transfer from Ollantaytambo Train Station to “San Agustin Dorado” Hotel (1 hour and 30 minutes approximately). 

Breakfast 08:00 A.M. City Tour + 4 Ruins, Koricancha, 12 angles stone. 

*Passengers must leave from hotel with their baggages before starting the tour. Not Included: Entrance Fee to the Qoricancha US$ 4.00 (four dollars) or s/ 15.00 (fifteen soles) aprox You should buy the Official Tourist Ticket BTG s/. 130.00 (One hundred thirty soles or usd 40.00 (forty dollars) (Valid for 10 days to visit 16 sites) 

A warren of narrow streets lined by impressive Inca stone walls, Cuzco has a unique atmosphere, redolent of ancient days. This afternoon enjoy a half-day tour of the city. You will also visit the impressive fortress of Sacsayhuaman; the amphitheatre and religious site of Kenko; and the Inca baths and water t e m p l e of Tambomachay and its red fortress, Puca-Pucara. Koricancha and the Convent of Santo Domingo.- The convent was built on the spectacular Coricancha „site of gold‟. This was the most important temple dedicated to the worship of the Sun and whose walls were lined with solid sheets of gold. All that remains now is the fine stonework, the conquistadors took the rest. Coricancha was also an observatory, where priests kept track of major celestial events. Today it houses an impressive collection of canvas paintings from the Escuela Cusqueña. Sacsayhuaman: Sacsayhuaman (which means „satisfied falcon‟) is one of the most impressive sites built by the Incas. It is generally referred to as a fortress; however it is not certain what its main function was. Current research suggests that it was more likely to be used as a temple, as Inca tombs have been discovered in the area. The site is a marvelous archaeological feat, even now after it was destroyed; one can only imagine its greatness when it stood in full glory. The stones in the wall are incredible and the largest weighs in at over 300 tonnes. The Incas envisioned Cusco as having a puma shape – Sacsayhuaman was the head. The magnificent zigzag walls are the major attraction. The grounds surrounding Sacsayhuaman are still used today for the colorful festival of Inti Raymi which is held on the 24th June every year. Q’enqo: The site of Q‟enqo (meaning „zigzag‟ or „labyrinth‟) contains the most impressive carved rocks in the Cusco area. There are carvings everywhere, although some are a little indistinct: a llama, a condor and snakes have been identified. There are many zigzag channels on top of the rock, probably used for pouring sacrificial chicha (a local wine made from maize). Inside the rock there are a number of caves and passageways and an alter which was used for the sacrifices of llamas. Puca Pucara: Puka Pukara translates to „the red fortress‟. This is a small site and although the name suggests that it was a fortress, it does not appear to have any defensive purpose. Tambomachay.- This site was thought to have been used as a Temple to the Water. There are some very impressive aqueducts, canals and cascades carved in stone, designed to channel water flowing from a nearby stream. 

14:00 PM After finishing the tour, transfer to “Alejandro Velasco Astete” Airport in order to take the flight Cuzco-Lima

Arrival to Lima, transfer from Airport in Lima to “La Hacienda” Hotel.

DAY 12: Lima
Transfer out from Hotel to Airport in Lima.

-Flight: Cusco - Lima 
-Flight Nazca Lines
-All ground transportation & transfers 
-Train tourist class to/from Machu Picchu Guided sightseeing tours 

Price does not include
-Chaco Harbour Tax USD 6
-Tax of Airport usd 10.00 (ten dollars) 
Official Tourist Ticket BTG s/. 130.00 (One hundred thirty soles or usd 45.00 aprox. Valid for 10 days to visit 16 sites, includes Moray Entrances Maras  usd 3.00 (three dollars) aprox. 
- Coricancha entry fee usd 5.00 
-Round-trip bus tickets from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu Archeological Site USD 26.00 (twenty six dollars) 
-Arequipa, Santa Catalina Convent entry fee s/. 45.00 (forty five soles) or USD 20.00 (forty dollars) aprox. 
-Snacks & Water Meals not mentioned above Travel insurance Laundry service Any item not mentioned previously

Important Notes 
The high altitudes reached on this trip and the amount of walking involved, often on uneven terrain, requires that you be in good physical condition to fully enjoy the trip. 
We strongly suggest that you consult your physician if you have any concerns regarding your ability to handle these conditions. 
In order to visit so many of Peru's must-see sights, this tour requires several long bus rides as well as early morning departure times in order to comply with flight and train schedules. Your patience and understanding are appreciated. 
We recommend that you purchase a travel protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment so you can relax and enjoy your trip with some peace of mind. The travel protection plan we recommend, through Travelex Insurance Services, helps provide coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, baggage delay, baggage loss and theft, medical expense and evacuation, and more. 

Please remember that the check in time at the hotels is after midday. 
Lima: Check out wise 11 A.M-12 P.M 
Paracas: Check out wise 12:00 P.M 
Ica : Check out wise 12:00 P.M 
Arequipa: Check out wise 11:00 A.M Puno: Check out wise 11:00 A.M 
Cusco: Check out wise 8:30 A.M Note: 

• The programmed route can be changed. The number of trips is not changed.



 利马-库斯科-普诺 LIMA CUSCO PUNO

第1天:利马 LIMA city tour



利马 (Lima),是一座既神秘又现代的城市,越来越多的游客因它的美食和舒适的居住环境慕名而来。



午餐后,游览太阳神庙,以及印加文化的石墙建筑——萨克塞华曼 (Saksaywaman),随后前往乌鲁班巴 (Urubamba)。


上午徒步游览莫瑞梯田,午餐在比乌拉伊湖野餐,下午徒步游览马拉斯盐田。游客还可骑山地自行车从莫瑞梯田 (Moray) 前往马拉斯盐田 (Maras)。


1. 直接乘火车前往热水镇(马丘比丘小镇)并在此过夜,第4天游览马丘比丘 (Machu Picchu)。

2. 留在乌鲁班巴过夜,第4天需要很早出发乘火车前往热水镇。

第4天:马丘比丘 MACHU PICCHU 

从热水镇乘大巴前往马丘比丘游览,下午返回热水镇并在小镇游览,购物。乘火车从热水镇前往欧雁台 (Ollantaytambo,也译作奥扬泰坦博)。

第5天:库斯科 CUSCO


在库斯科古城 (Cusco),无论是漫步在大街小巷,还是徜徉在古老的街区,您可以随处看到保存完好的西班牙殖民时期遗留的古建筑和一些考古遗迹。那些古老的建筑和遗迹会随时向您诉说着它们独特的故事和传奇。而如今,这座历史悠久又充满现代感的城市已经成为一座国际性的大都会,融汇着八方来宾与文化,更使这座古城绽放异彩。印加古建筑和西班牙殖民时期的建筑遗迹,古老的杂耍以及令人印象深刻的修道院和教堂,又为一些精明,挑剔的游客提供了更好的游览平台。

第6天:库斯科—普诺 CUSCO PUNO


普诺 (Puno) 是一个适宜种植藜麦和咖啡的地区,是您了解高原的一个重要门户。那里虽然气候寒冷干燥,但是这里有热情好客的居民和温馨的自然景观。







您将开始在阿雷基帕,在那里你可以搜索鹅卵石街道的建筑宝石和镇上最好的餐馆。 (请注意,两者都有很多!)随着这个介绍,驱车前往世界上最深的峡谷之一科尔卡大峡谷,见证安第斯神鹰伸展翅膀,映衬在令人惊叹的山脉背景之中。

继续前往库斯科和前印加帝国中心的圣谷,在那里您可以参观古代遗迹,并浏览传统市场。 然后乘坐火车进入云雾森林,在马丘比丘敬畏地凝视着印加建设者的天才


第1天:LIMA 抵达利马
抵达后,接待和转移到选定的酒店。 在利马过夜。

第二天:LIMA - AREQUIPA / CITY TOUR – 圣塔卡塔林纳修道院
早餐后,从酒店转移到机场采取国内航班阿雷基帕(机票不包括在内)。 抵达机场罗德里格斯巴隆后,从我们的代表接待和转移到选定的酒店。 下午,我们将参观圣卡塔利娜修道院,主要广场,LaCompañía的耶稣会教堂及其美丽的彩绘教堂,旧金山教堂,圣拉萨罗区,塞尔瓦阿莱格里和典型的Cayma区和Yanahuara区 为Misti火山的壮丽景色。 旅游结束后,我们将返回酒店。 在阿雷基帕过夜

早餐后,我们将开始前往科尔卡大峡谷的游览,在我们的路上,我们将参观美丽的尤拉镇,火山Chachani和薄雾,潘帕斯卡纳胡斯,Vischachani,拉Pulpera,Sibayo和Chivay; 我们将在下午13点左右到达那里。 在Chivay镇过夜。

早餐后,我们将前往秃鹰的十字架,在那里可以看到科尔卡大峡谷和壮观的秃鹰壮观的飞行。 下午,我们将回到酒店。 在阿雷基帕过夜。

转移到机场去飞往库斯科。 (机票不包括在内)。协助您抵达库斯科并转移到选定的酒店;在酒店一杯热的可口可乐茶会等着你帮助你避免高原反应。下午我们将开始我们的库斯科城市旅游,我们将采取导游观光游览主广场,大教堂和太阳神殿或Koricancha。然后,我们驱车前往肯卡,坦博马恰(印加浴场),Puca Pucara和Sacsayhuaman令人印象深刻的堡垒的印加遗址。旅游结束后,我们将返回酒店。在库斯科过夜。



早上,我们将被转移到火车站乘坐火车前往着名的马丘比丘印加城堡(Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu)。我们将抵达位于Urubamba省的Aguas Calientes,海拔2,400 masl。在那里,我们将乘坐蜿蜒的公路开车25分钟到“印加失落的城市”。一旦我们到达那里,我们将会见到马丘比丘历史保护区的组合导游,参观主要广场,圆形塔,神圣的太阳时钟,皇家宿舍,三窗寺和各种墓地。游览结束后,我们将有时间闲逛在考古遗址周围。然后,你会乘坐公共汽车到阿瓜卡连特斯镇吃午饭。在特定的时间,你会去火车站把火车送回库斯科市。抵达库斯科后,我们的代表将带您前往您的酒店。在库斯科过夜。

第8天:CUSCO / LIMA-城市之旅



接待和转移到利马选定的酒店。 在利马过夜

转移到机场去飞往库斯科(机票不包括在内)。 协助您的到来,并转移到选定的酒店与欢迎伴侣。 下午,我们将开始参观库斯科市,参观导游,了解主广场,大教堂和太阳神庙或Koricancha。 然后,我们驱车出城,参观肯卡,Tambomachay(印加浴场),Puca Pucara以及令人印象深刻的Sacsayhuaman要塞等印加遗址。 旅游结束后,我们将返回酒店。 在库斯科过夜

早餐后,我们将有一整天的游览“印加圣谷”,在那里我们将欣赏典型的Pisac印度市场,星期二,星期四和星期天开放。 在当地一家乡村餐厅用午餐后,我们将参观印加堡垒和奥兰太坦堡城堡,这座城堡是为了保护这个山谷的入口而建的。 最后,我们将参观Chincheros村回到城市。 在库斯科过夜

早上,我们将被转移到火车站乘坐火车前往马丘比丘着名的印加城堡(Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu)。 我们将抵达位于乌鲁班巴省的Agua Calientes,海拔2400 masl。 然后我们乘坐25分钟的公交车到达“印加失落的城市”,带领导游览马丘比丘历史保护区,参观主要广场,圆形大厦,神圣的太阳钟 ,皇家宿舍,三窗寺和各种墓地。 参观结束后,我们将有时间漫步在考古遗址周围。 午餐后,我们将返回库斯科。 过夜。

抵达利马后,我们将开始城市之旅,参观最重要的地方,如:主广场,大教堂,大主教,政府宫殿,利马市政厅,火车站和旧金山不朽修道院 ,我们将在那里看到它的回廊,地下墓穴和宗教博物馆。 我们将继续与利马住宅区的访问,然后到达米拉弗洛雷斯区,在那里我们将有一个壮观的太平洋和海滩的看法。 在适当的时间,转移到国际机场豪尔赫·查韦斯。

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    • 纳斯卡线条是在沙滩上制作的一系列地理文字,描绘了各种各样的动物,包括一条27米长的鲸鱼。该网站被认为是一个天文历,虽然它的创作仍然是一个谜。从空中体验这个联合国教科文组织世界遗产。



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