Cuzco, ancient capital of the Inca Empire, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983

Cuzco witnessed the arrival of the Spanish, and yet to this day it conserves an ancestral magic which captivates the thousands of visitors who each year form part of its living history. Cusco, acknowledged as the historic capital of Peru, renowned as the navel of the Earth.

Area - 385.1 km2 (148.7 sq mi)

Population - 450,095 inhabitants

Altitude - 3400 meters above see level / 11,200 ft

Weather - Wet, rainy season from December to March. Dry season from April to November with average temperature is 11 ° C. In the forest area, higher than 25 ° C.

Most visitors are keen to get to Machu Picchu, either by trekking for 4 days along the Inca Trail, or by 4 hours on the train, but Cuzco itself has a lot to offer the visitor and most travelers usually end up seduced with this vibrant city and stay longer than first planned.

How to get there

By air, regular flights to Cuzco City from Lima (1 hour) and from Arequipa (30 minutes).

By land

Lima-Arequipa-Cuzco: 1,650 Km (26 hours by car)

Lima-Nazca-Puquio-Abancay-Cuzco: 1,131 Km (20 hours by car)

Puno-Cuzco: 389 (7 hours by car)

By train, train Puno-Cuzco: 384 Km (10 hours)

Cuzco-Maras & Moray-Machu Picchu-Cusco

3 days - 2 nights. Private services

Cuzco-Sacred Valley-Machu Picchu-Maras & Moray

5 days - 4 nights. Shared services

Cuzco- Inca Trail-Machu Picchu- Rainbow Mountain - Cusco

8 days - 7 nights. Shared services

4 days - 3 nights. Private services

Cuzco-Sacred Valley-Machu Picchu-Cusco 3 days.

Only Private Services

Cuzco-Sacred Valley-Machu Picchu-Maras & Moray

5 days - 4 nights

Cuzco-Machu Picchu -Maras & Moray-Rainbow Mountain

6 days - 5 nights

8 Days - 7 nights

Shared services

Private Services

Two-World Encounter

San Pedro Market - Qorikancha - Traditional streets of Cusco - Visit Palacio del Inka Hotel – 4 Bustos

Price per person USD 139 minimum 2 persons. Private services.

Approximate activity time: 2-3 hours • Dates: Monday to Sunday. Qorikancha is closed on Sunday mornings.

Traditional Cuzco Embroidery

Transfer to Urcos • Traditional Cusco embroidery experience. • Transfer back to Cusco or continue our way to the Sacred Valley. 2-3 hours. Private

Price USD 191 per person, base 2 persons

Price USD 158 per person, base 3 persons